Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet Our Scout Executive

Each month we will be sitting down with a different member of the Professional Staff and key volunteers in the Council who help make the program run. This month we sit down with our Scout Executive Mark Barbernitz.  

Q: How long have you worked for the Mason-Dixon Council?
Mark: Four and half years.

Q: What other Councils did you work at before coming to the Mason-Dixon Council?
Mark: Pennsylvania Dutch Council as Assistant Scout Executive, Heart of Ohio Council as Field Director, Senior District Executive and District Executive in Great Trails Council in Ohio. 

Q: What is your favorite part about your job as Scout Executive?
Mark: Working with the volunteers is one of my favorite parts and we have some great volunteers in this Council. As well as growing the Scouting program.

Q: What is unique about this Council compared to the other Councils you have worked at?
Mark: Well what is the same is the passion of the volunteers who give a lot of time and effort to the program. Our great Camp, Sinqouipe is truly incredible and is the highlight of the Council in my opinion.

Q: What is your Scouting history?
Mark: Joined Scouting on my 8th birthday and was in the program as a youth till my 18th birthday, then volunteered as a leader since my 18th birthday. My father was a professional Scouter and my grandfather was a Scoutmaster, so I am a third generation Scouter. My grandfather’s picture is on the wall of leaders in the dining hall at camp and includes a quote “He who cast a long shadow.” That shadow is referring to my father and me both be a part of the Scouting program and becoming professional Scouters. 

Q: What is your fondest Scouting memories?
Mark: Well as an adult it was at Sea Base in 2003 with my son and seeing him change from a boy to a confident young man on that trip. As a youth it would be when I was Assist. Senior Patrol Leader of my Troop when I was twelve and filling in for the SPL on a camp out. It was my first true leadership role leading my peers. 

Q: Do you have any hobbies or interest outside of Scouting?
Mark: I like to volunteer for my church and for the Red Cross and at a homeless shelter.

Q: Anything message you would like to send out the Scouters in our Council?
Mark: Yes, we really appreciate what each volunteer does in our Council with only us only having 3 professional. Volunteers truly do some incredible things with their time and for that we are very grateful.  

Next time you are in the office make sure you stop by and say hello to our Scout Executive Mark Barbernitz.